Please add us in Facebook for more details~~ New Cosmetic brushes will be arrive on early February 2012... How do I purchase from NicoNico.shopz? Please email us at February Surprise!! Hi all, I am going to have 3 pieces of electronic eye curler worth RM49.90 (can check on SaSa) for my customer. Ta da!! Top 3 customer's gift! Niconicoshopz will collect this months sales of each customer and announce the top 3 highest customer by end of February. Keep it up all my dearest!!!! I will update the highest 3 top from time to time. And will officially announce by 29th February 2012. Every purchase of our brushes will free brush guard... ;)

Feb 26, 2012

My customer's review.

I am very glad that one of my customer writing a review on my Facebook wall post. That why I take a snapshoot of it and post it here. hehehe.... thanks.. (I have remove my customer's name)

Feb 10, 2012

February 2012 Stocks Arrived!!

Set B (above) -RM27 for 1 set, RM25 each for purchase more than 1 sets. Free shipping
Emily Cosmetic Brush (above) Blending Brush EM008 - RM10 exclude postage
Set A (above) -RM27 for 1 set, RM25 each for purchase more than 1 sets. Free shipping
Emily EYELINER BRUSH EME001 - RM10 exclude postage (above)
Emily Foundation Brush EM007 - RM25 exclude postage
EMILY eyeshadow brush EMB01 RM10 exclude postage

EMILY BLENDING BRUSH EM224 - RM10 exclude postage

EMILY eyeshadow brush EMS02 - RM10 Exclude postage

Ecotools Bronzer brush RM25 exclude postage

Jan 11, 2012

Update New Batch Ready Stock will be arrive on Early February 2012

Hi All,

I have been inactive for quite a long time. And I am very glad to inform all of you that currently i am in a progress on ordering stocks from my supplier. Currently waiting for my supplier to update me on the stock status.

Other than Ecotools brush, There is some other new items will be coming soon... please stay tune!! there is some other surprise will be giving to my customer. :D

Mar 31, 2011

NicoNicoshopz Ecotoold brush for RM25 include pos ekspress

Please email us at and add us in Facebook



Jan 15, 2011

When Miss Doodle meets Nico

Please click on the photo to view Miss Doodle's blog!

Wahahahaha~~ I am super happy when i see Miss Doodle reviewed on my NicoNico.shopz. That is really Cute~~!!!

I really love her blog so much, as she is not like others fashion directory, (just look for money..) it's really worth to have their services. Also, She really put her efforts to look through my blog and also draw Miss Doodle with my clothes..

Too bad, the clothes already sold out! No worries! I will restock.. :)

Dec 2, 2010

Loyal Customer Rainbow Token

Points Rewards (Updated 19th February 2011)

(Updated 19 January 2011)
1. Connie Lawrence - 35
2. Yoke Lai - 70
3. Eunice Leong -35
4. Annie Sia -170
5. catherine lee siow mei -100
6. Teoh Guat Imm - 35
7. Sylvia - 30
8. Jacqueline Goh Lee Ching - 35
9. Isabel Goh - 35
10. Wendy Ritcher - 70
11. Weiwen - 35
13. Kueh Mei Lin - 35
14. Nicole Wong - 26
15.julia camilia pang - 70
16. Ng Zee Min - 35
17. Teo Shel Foong - 35
18. Yeo Lisa - 70
19. Nanako - 52
20. andrea ng - 80
21. Ana MD - 70
22. ili nabihah ahmad - 26
24. Sharon Goh - 64
25. teh lai ping - 30
26. Shahirah Hashim - 70
27. Mia Yong - 35
28. Stella Jagah - 39
29. Zahrin Emrad & Sujaihah - 26
30. siti najibah bt abd rahman - 26
31. Siti Afifah - 13
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